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Helping buyers find their dream home is more than just looking for a certain area or number of bedrooms, it’s truly about their lifestyle, needs and wants.

What you get:
– Our commitment to negotiate on your behalf, with the backing of Keller Williams

– We have systems in place to preview homes in advance for you, and then help you preview them online.

– Personally tour homes and neighborhoods with you.

– Keep you informed of new homes as they come on the market.

– Work with you until we find the home of your dreams

The process

Why pre qualify?

Knowing exactly how much you are approved to spend is essential in looking for a home. Having this information beforehand is a tremendous advantage.

  1. Financial pre-qualification/pre-approval
    This includes buyers providing pertinent paperwork
    A credit report is requested

  2. Underwriting –
    Loan package is submitted to the underwriter for approval

  3. Loan approval
    Parties are notified of approval and documents are sent to the title company

  4. Title company
    Title search conducted to insure clear title when issuing title insurance
    buyers come in for closing and final signatures

  5. Funding
    lender reviews the loan package and funds are wired.

Making an offer
The purchase agreement is pretty standard, but there are a few areas that are open to negotiation…

The price

What you offer depends on the condition, time on market, buyer activity,the urgency of the seller, etc.

While some buyers want to make a low offer to see if it’s accepted, that is usually not wise. The seller could be insulted and decide not to negotiate at all.

Once the offer is submitted, the seller will do one of the following:

– Accept

– Reject

– Counter

In the case of a counter offer (most common). My experience and negotiating skills become powerful in representing your best interests.

When the counter is presented, we will work together to specifically review it and make sure we move forward according to your goals to reach the best terms possible.

What to bring to the closing table:

– A certified check for closing costs & down payment made out to the title company, and they will give you the amount prior to closing.

– Photo ID’s

At the time of closing, the transfer of title moves ownership from the seller to you. This is done when your lender has wired the funds, and the deed (the document that transfers ownership) is delivered.

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